Bing Predicts scores with 10-6 record in NFL Week 12

Mark Coppock

Bing Predicts continues its string of excellent prognostication in the NFL’s Week 12, spookily predicting 10 out of 16 games. For the year, Bing Predicts has a rather impressive 112-64 record, meaning if you used it to predict games in Vegas you could be up a few dollars.
Week 12 misses include Chicago upsetting Green Bay and both Atlanta and Cleveland moving into the loss column. For Week 13, Bing Predicts is picking Carolina to stay unbeaten, Green Bay to avenge their Week 10 loss by beating Detroit, and Washington and Minnesota emerging victorious.
Complete Week 13 picks look like this:

Bing Predicts picks NFL Week 13 games.
Bing Predicts picks NFL Week 13 games.

Bing Predicts has the playoffs covered as well, with New England and Carolina looking to hold home field advantage and Denver and Kansas City looking like solid 2nd seeds. Check out the playoff picture here.
Things will be heating up as the season heads into the home stretch. We’ll be looking forward to continued NFL playoff predictions as well as the ultimate: a Super Bowl pick.