Bing Predicts prognosticates on NFL Week 7

Mark Coppock

Win some, lose some, as Bing Predicts is discovering. The machine intelligence went 9-5 in calling the NFL winners in Week 6, down from 10-4 in Week 5 and up from 8-7 in Week 4. But that’s not stopping Bing from predicting the NFL’s Week 7.

• Seattle gets back in the win column in a divisional victory between two 2-4 teams Thursday night against San Francisco.
• Buffalo wins the early Sunday game in London against Jacksonville.
• Atlanta takes advantage of extra rest to shake off its first loss last Thursday with a win over Tennessee.
• Indianapolis forgoes trick plays in beating New Orleans.
• Miami gets back to 3-3 with a win over Houston.
• New York avenges their season opening loss at Dallas with a home win.
• Pittsburgh, randomly choosing one of their three quarterbacks to lead them, defeats 1-5 Kansas City.
• Saint Louis returns from a week off to beat Cleveland.
• San Diego bounces back from their near upset at Green Bay with a win over in-state divisional rival Oakland.
• Washington defeats Tampa Bay in a close game as our models predict a 53% chance of win.

If you prefer your data in graphical format, Bing Predicts has you covered:

Bing Predicts Week 7 prognostications in a nifty schedule format.
Bing Predicts Week 7 prognostications in a nifty schedule format.

So far, Bing Predicts has a record of 57-34 for the season.