Bing Predicts kicks butt in NFL Week 9 with 9-4 performance

Mark Coppock

Bing Predicts was pretty spot-on in NFL Week 9, correctly picking 9 out of 13 games. Its 9-4 performance brings the AI prognosticator to 89-43 for the 2015 season, which seems pretty darn good to us.
Atlanta once again performed contrary to how Bing Predicts predicted, losing by a point. New Orleans, Denver, and San Diego were the other losses to blemish the machine intelligence’s performance.
Here’s how Bing Predicts sees Week 10:

• Baltimore returns from a bye week to beat Jacksonville.
• Denver gets back on track with a home win over Kansas City.
• Green Bay returns home after two tough road games against undefeated teams to beat one win Detroit.
• New Orleans secures a road win over Washington.
• Oakland moves to 5-4 with a win over Minnesota.
• Philadelphia returns to first place with a win over Miami.
• Pittsburgh defeats Cleveland despite needing to go with a back-up QB again.
• Seattle closes the gap in the west to one game with a win over divisional rival Arizona on Sunday night.
• Saint Louis defeats Chicago, a team coming off a road Monday game with another road game.
• Tampa Bay secures another win at home in a close game against Dallas.

Bing Predicts NFL Week 10 predictions.
Bing Predicts NFL Week 10 predictions.

Bing Predicts also tossed its hat into the NFL playoffs ring, guessing which teams will make the playoffs and where they’ll be seeded:
Bing Predicts NFL playoff picture.
Bing Predicts NFL playoff picture.

We’re rooting for you, Bing Predicts!