Bing Predicts heads to India, partners with UC Browser to drive UC Cricket predictions

Arif Bacchus

NASCAR, baseball, football and basketball are just a few of the most popular sports in America. Bing has already set interests with these sports and has predicted the Super Bowl, the results of NASCAR races, and soon will even predict NCAA games.  Outside of America, however, sports such as cricket have proven to be more popular with international audiences. Bing too is now expanding its interests in the international sport and has gone global by way of a new partnership with UC Browser (the 3rd most used app in India after Facebook and WhatsApp) to provide predictions to upcoming cricket games.

The partnership will provide cricket fans with a mobile hub for content right as Cricket season gets underway. Under UC Browser’s new content aggregation platform named UC Cricket, Bing’s prediction engine will be used to reshape the digital cricket content landscape. After successfully predicting 83% of matches for the Cricket World Cup, the Bing Prediction engine will be used in the platform to provide fans predictions to upcoming games.

UC Cricket will also come with a series of new features. A floating widget with cricket content named UC Express, a hub with live tweets on cricket matches, and even push notifications on matches are all just a few of the features of the new UC Cricket experience.

The Bing integration is set to go live on March 14, and Twitter integration is already live on the UC Cricket experience. Hopefully, this partnership means that you cricket fans will enjoy the game even more than you did before!

You can try out UC Browser using the Windows Store link below:

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UC Browser
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