Bing predicts all six group winners of the Women's World Cup

Sean Michael

Bing Women's World Cup

Sporting events provide a platform for Bing to show off its predicting power. We usually highlight how well they do at predicting events and the Women’s World Cup is no exception. Bing has continued on its streak of correctly predicting large portions of sports playoffs that includes the NBA Playoffs, Cricket World Cup, and more. The Bing Blog reports their prediction success.

Bing accurately predicted thirteen out of sixteen advancing teams including all six group winners. Their predictions also included correctly picking twenty-one out of thirty-six matches.

After the matches that have already been played, Bing has recalculated and has some minor changes for their remaining predictions of the Women’s World Cup. They had to make some changes because the way that the playoffs ran out the teams that were facing each other changed making their previous predictions physically impossible. They still have Germany being the champions of women’s football in a final match against England. The US and Brazil are predicted to be third and fourth place respectively.