Bing predicts 2015; turtlenecks and bell bottoms are on their way back in

Sean Cameron


Microsoft’s Bing has been making of a name for itself, not only as a search engine, but also as something of an oracle. Using the vast reams of data made available to it, Bing has offered its wisdom regarding predictions on a number of topics, most notably on sporting events. Now Redmond have revealed Bing’s predictions for 2015, and suffice it to say that the results are sure to be…interesting

Bing’s first predictions concern the world of fashion; a notoriously unpredictable field (at least for those of average common sense). In 2015, we will hearken back to days of yore, where Bond villains were the height of fashion, the 1970’s. Turtlenecks are once again to become all the rage, as are bell-bottomed pants, just going to show that nothing ever stays dead in the world of fashion.

Bing’s next predictions regard the world of sports and awards shows. In 2015, the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers will play against one another in the Super Bowl, with the Patriots bringing home the win. With regards to the Grammys, Sam Smith is expected to pick up Best New Artist, with Beyoncé winning the Best Album award. At the Golden Globes, the stats are less specific, but the tender tale, Boyhood, is to pick up Best Motion Picture Drama.

Bing predictions

The world of travel is also expected to see something of a change. Reflecting a number of opinions across the globe, travel to small towns and more off the beaten track destinations will take precedence over visits to big cities such as Los Angeles, which are to fall from the must-visit lists of tourists across the world. Bing’s last predictions concern the world of food, the Mediterranean diet is going to be BIG, expect a lot more falafel to arrive on your plate from January onwards.

For the full, rather more comprehensive list of Bing’s predictions for the year ahead, head here. If these results are to be believed, we are in for a year like every other before it, in both weirdness and predictability.

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