Bing powers Cortana-like new features in Office 2016

Vu Anh Nguyen

Office Smart Lookup

The Bing team took to their blog today to highlight 2 new cool features powered by the platform in the newly-released Office 2016.
The first new feature, Smart Lookup, lets you look up information on specific terms in emails and documents right from the Office apps. Highlight an unknown word, and the power of Bing will pull context-relevant search results, including images and more, directly into a pop-up for your viewing convenience.
The second feature, Tell Me, is akin to a local function search for Office. Type in a word related to a command and Tell Me will show the relevant functions which you can execute directly, making Office usage easier than ever.
Overall, the two new features shows off how important Bing is in linking all of Microsoft’s services. They are also akin to how Cortana works on the desktop, which hints at the possibility of them being connected and incorporated into Cortana in the future.