Bing and OneDrive team, lets you search files and photos through automatic tagging

Sean Michael

OneDrive Food Search

Bing posted a weekly roundup today. Bing rewards can be checked through an extension on Chrome and there’s an Android Bing Rewards app with exclusive deals but the biggest news is that OneDrive and Bing have teamed up to give you search results in OneDrive. is a powerful tool that automatically tags your photos and categorizes them. You can organize your files yourself, but today’s announcement revealed that you can now use the search bar to find any photo or file in your OneDrive.

I use OneDrive to back up my files including my phone’s photos, but honestly I never used to make albums or anything. When I saw this story, I rushed over to OneDrive and tried it out. It’s almost eerily good at finding your photos and files. It can determine the location of your photos based on I assume my phone being the source of the photos and having granted access to my location. It recognizes that my photos are taken in Nottingham or London and groups them by location.

OneDrive meme search

These categories are put into albums, but you can also find pictures using the search feature. The other WinBeta writers and I have been having some fun seeing what OneDrive can actually find. So far, we’ve discovered that it can find your meme source photos, text within pictures, brands of clothing, and much more. OneDrive already had tagging features, but the integration with Bing adds an entirely new range of possibilities.

OneDrive has solid integration with a broad range of devices and if you are fully integrated into the Windows ecosystem you’ll have files being backed up daily from one or more PC’s, photos being uploaded from your phone or digital camera, and may have albums or documents shared with you with friends, family or coworkers. It’s easy to dump files into OneDrive and never find them again, but Bing integration makes it easy to find all of your content.