Bing mobile homepage gets a redesign, improves experience for Android and iPhone users

Dave W. Shanahan

Bing Mobile homepage gets redesign, improves experience for Android, iPhone users

Looking to improve the Bing homepage experience for iPhone and Android users, Microsoft did a complete redesign for mobile users. Windows Phone users are already readily aware of the Bing homepage experience, but it’s great to see Microsoft improving the Bing experience for people on other phone platforms.

Microsoft has redesigned the Bing experience for iPhone and Android users in the following ways:

  • User interface redesign – Based on Bing’s research, many iPhone and Android users prefer to swipe up to close Bing cards, changed color schemes and transparency tiles to make an overall better Bing experience.
  • Bing’s Image of the day (IOTD) card: I think the best part of Bing’s homepage is the ITOD. It’s great to learn something new through an image provided by Bing with the ITOD. Learning through Bing images is a refreshing way to learn about the world.
  • Popular now card: Finding out the latest news when it happens is one of the best reasons to have a smartphone. Microsoft knows how people like to find the latest news on their phones and that is why they brought the Bing desktop homepage news carousel to the mobile user. Based on your location (if you have location discovery enabled), Bing will continue to provide you with news stories relevant to you and your community right at your fingertips.
  • Bing Rewards card: Most Bing Mobile users take part in Bing Rewards. Microsoft created a new Bing Rewards. Microsoft created a better way to access your Bing Rewards and an easy way to see your rewards status. To facilitate their experience, we created a new Rewards card and gave it prime real-estate. This card gives you a convenient entry point to Bing Rewards and a quick way to view your Bing search settings.
  • Settings Card: Mobile users can change their Safe Search settings and change what content they want ot see and the content they don’t want to see. 
  • Footer card: The best way for Bing to know what their users want is through the newly added “Send Feedback” link, so now Android and iPhone user can experience the same wonderful Bing experience that Windows Phone users already know.

Bing Mobile homepage gets redesign, improves experience for Android, iPhone users

So now all the Android and iPhone users can experience a new enhanced Bing experience by visiting on their smartphone today.