Bing Maps updated with improved Streetside and Birds Eye view


Microsoft has updated its Bing Maps service with new imagery from around the world, including certain landmarks. This new update comes with a improved Streetside view and Bird’s Eye view imagery. On top of that, Microsoft has added high-resolution images of certain historical landmarks.

Bing Map’s Streetside view has also been updated to have more imagery. “Since the last release, Streetside has published an additional 125,000 kilometers. That’s a total of 365,000 linear kilometers of imagery available for users,” Microsoft adds. Bing Map’s Bird’s Eye view is also updated with new imagery. Bird’s Eye view has always been a fan favorite due to its high-resolution and oblique look angle. These new updates include high-resolution images of certain landmarks such as the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany. Check out the new updates at the source link below.