Bing Maps opens up Streetside to OpenStreetMap iD Editor

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft, Bing, Bing Maps, Streetside, OpenStreetMap

Bing Maps has made some changes to its Streetside view with OpenStreetMap iD Editor. Microsoft worked with the Bing Maps community to make OpenStreetMap more accessible to users. As noted by Bing Blogs, you can now edit Streetside view in Bing Maps.

“This week Microsoft is integrating its Streetside imagery for the United States into iD, a popular web-based editor for contributing to OpenStreetMap. This is the same imagery currently visible on Bing Maps now embedded into a popular editing application initially developed and now maintained by Mapbox. Our aim is that it continues to encourage the community to contribute and improve OpenStreetMap.”

Bing Maps is not always able to stay up-to-date on Streetside view, as businesses and streets change over time. At the moment, Bing Maps Streetside has 360-degree images online, covering more than 80% of the US. The amount of imagery available in Streetside view on Bing Maps covers almost 1 million square miles of the US and almost 5PB (perabytes; 5,000TB) of storage.

Microsoft hopes Bing Maps Streetside’s vast image library will help users add their own images to fill in the gaps in Streetside view in some remote US areas. OpenStreetMap iD Editor will allow community users to add their own verified images to Bing Maps to keep it current.