Bing Maps now heading to lesser-known communities


Bing Maps now heading to lesser-known communities

Bing Maps, much like Google Street View, is attempting to make the world a bit smaller. The service is blanketing the globe, one street at a time, but many communities go uncovered for various reasons. Microsoft wants to change that and is sending its teams new locations.

The company announces, at the Global Innovation Summit in California, that “many places that don’t show up on maps — 99 percent of major urban settlements in places like Johannesburg and Rio, where millions of people live in shantytowns and favelas”, according to Athima Chansanchai.

The company points out that this will likely help tourists more than locals, providing aid in finding establishments like restaurants, stores and attractions.

“The lessons they learn, and the insights derived from the Global Innovation Summit we hope will serve as a model to reduce the digital divide across the world”, says the company’s Stefan Weitz, a senior director at Bing.