Bing Maps now brings real time traffic info to 55 countries

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft today announced that Bing maps now has real-time traffic info for 55 countries.  As part of the announcement the team also dove into details and explained how Bing uses the data to bring you the most accurate traffic information possible.

According to the Bing team, a complete list of the countries which traffic data is now available via this link. In addition, the team also explains that Bing maps uses traffic data flow in two ways, and can be accessed directly Bing Maps REST Services Traffic API, and through the Traffic Data Source in the Bing Spatial Data Services.

The first is to provide real-time and predictive route calculations. The second method is a traffic overlay of color coded roads on the map to indicate the real-time flow of traffic. All of the interactive Bing Maps controls provide an option to overlay real-time traffic flow data on top of the map. The Bing Maps Version 8 Web Control (v8) provides this functionality through the Traffic module.

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