Bing Maps gains more functionality for UK users

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft, UK, Bing, Bing Maps

Microsoft added new functionality for UK users making map-related queries using Bing Maps. As noted in a Bing Blog post, the new features will help UK users find addresses, and get directions quickly and easily. Microsoft improved its Bing Maps service based on user feedback.
Microsoft, Bing, Bing Maps

Here are the five new Bing Maps features for UK users:

  1. Address Queries

  2. Business at Address

  3. Enriched Experience for Simple Maps Queries 

  4. Improved Experience for Directions Queries

  5. Improved Experience for Latitude & Longitude Queries

With address queries and business at address, users can find helpful information about the address, including if there is a business at the address, or nearby, as well as a more enriched visual map experience on tablets and Windows 10 PCs.

In addition, Bing Maps provides more in-depth information when getting directions. Now, you can find points-of-interest along the way; restaurants, petrol stations, hotels, or wherever you need. Depending on what you need to search, everything you need is available.

Microsoft, Bing, Bing Maps

One last thing Bing Maps added is latitude and longitude map results. While this feature is not for the everyday user, Bing pointed out that this is for the “geeks.” However, latitude and longitude integration in Bing Maps is helpful for app API. The ability to use latitude and longitude integration will help for future Bing Map searches, apps, and APIs.