Bing Maps adds traffic camera images for planning routes

Jonny Caldwell

Over the last couple of months, Microsoft has been implementing changes to its Bing Maps to help users in choosing the best route to their destinations. Last month brought colored traffic information that would display medium (orange) and high (red) congestion indicators to help those see which routes they should avoid. Route planning should now be even easier, as Microsoft has now implemented traffic camera images in Bing Maps.

A user will be able to check to see the latest image by tapping on one of the camera icons along his or her route. These images are updates periodically, depending on the source of them. Microsoft explains in their blog post that this not only allows users to make decisions based on traffic levels, but also weather conditions as well.

Traffic Camera Images

Users should be able to access the traffic images right now from the Bing Maps website. Microsoft didn’t explain the exact availability in their blog post, so it’s not yet clear which users across the globe can access the new feature.