Bing Maps adds Fleet Tracking for small businesses

Arif Bacchus

The Bing team today announced the general availability of Fleet Tracking on Bing Maps for small businesses. This is coming several months after the features was initially available as a preview following Microsoft Ignite.

With Fleet Tracking on Bing Maps, a small business can track their locations of business phones in real time. All source code data is also provided, and organizations can use their own development resources to customize the solutions and add new features.

This solution relies on Bing Maps for Enterprise platform for rendering, geocoding, and routing. It’s perfect for delivery services, mobile sales forces, and other small businesses. Features are listed below.

  • Easy to track Android Devices. Register devices for tracking by shooting a QR code or manually entering device information in the web application. The mobile companion app features client control of when location tracking is on or off, giving the mobile worker complete control of their location information.
  • Trip Detection. GPS points are analyzed as they arrive in the service to determine trips and destination locations automatically.
  • Geofence based alerts. You can create regions by drawing on the map, and have an email alert sent whenever a specified asset enters or leaves the geofenced area. In the screenshot below you can see a new geofence being created represented by the maroon box. Whenever one of the selected assets enters this region, an email is sent to the specified distribution list.
  • Reporting. Get an understanding of how many miles your fleet is driving, trip durations, geofence activity and more.

Interested parties can check out the documentation for Fleet Tracking here. More information and FAQs are also available here.