Bing makes tax season a breeze, lets you download the forms you need


Bing makes tax season a breeze, lets you download the forms you need

It’s tax season and for those of you who plan on doing your taxes yourself (without the help of a tax professional or services like TurboTax), it can be a bit of a pain in the butt. Thankfully, Bing makes it easy to download the tax forms you need, provided you know exactly what you are looking for.

“When we looked at the spiking searches related to taxes, we realized that the vast majority of people were looking for one type of thing: tax forms. This makes sense given almost two thirds of U.S. citizens file their own taxes. With that insight in mind, we set out to make finding, accessing and downloading forms as streamlined as possible,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

According to research by Bing and Impulse Research, one in four people would rather clean their house from top to bottom than file their taxes. While not the most favorite thing to do, in the United States it is a requirement. That’s why tax season causes a spike in tax-related searches – and Microsoft has capitalized on this by providing tax forms and information for those who need it.

If you search for “1099-MISC”, you will be provided with search results related to the query, along with details about the form on the right sidebar. These details include a description of the form, a link to the IRS so you can download the form, and other related data. You can even search for “tax forms” or “IRC forms” on and you will be presented with the most commonly searched forms. Bing will even tell you where to mail your taxes or how you can e-file.

Microsoft has even taken things a step further and has launched You can use this portal to search for tax related tips and tricks, watch instructional videos, and even read some tax related humor to lighten the mood.