Bing makes it easier to submit DMCA notices for copyright infringement claims

Dave W. Shanahan

In a post on the Bing blog, Microsoft announced a new online dashboard interface in Bing to make it easier to handle copyright infringement claims. The new online dashboard makes handling copyright infringement claims online a breeze.

The Bing dashboard also provides other helpful information, including the ability to view status updates on copyright removal requests and view overall historical submission statistics.

Starting today, the new online dashboard interface is available for users who submit DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) notices via Bing’s online form or email ([email protected]). Microsoft encourages users to report copyright infringement of other Microsoft apps and services too.

Typically, Bing receives requests to remove links due to copyright infringement claims, otherwise known as DMCA notices, through email, their online form, or, for some users, using an API.  For Bing, email is the least efficient option and does not always provide the most accurate or complete information to investigate a DMCA claim.

Bing's online DMCA claim form
Bing’s online DMCA claim form

Bing’s online form (seen above) is the best way for Bing to investigate whether there is a legitimate DMCA claim. Plus, Bing’s online form shows required information that the person that is submitting the DMCA claim provides the required information.

After completing Bing’s online form, users will be emailed a DCMA submission reference number. Individual submissions and overall historical statistics are viewable via Bing’s dashboard. For copyright owners who usually submit a high number of DMCA notices, Bing’s API program will benefit them the most. Bing’s API program is reserved for copyright owners who have a history of submitting legitimate submissions.

DMCA, Bing
Bing’s DMCA online Submitter dashboard

As you can see from Bing’s online dashboard, Bing displays the submission statistics for any and all notices received by a copyright owner displaying the date and time the request was submitted, the submission ID, the complaint type, and the total number of URLs submitted; accepted URLs, Rejected URLs, and Pending URLs.

A submission is only accepted if it contains all of the required information by the DMCA. However, once the URLs are accepted, that does not mean that the URLs are automatically removed. The DMCA must be completed before the removal of the URLs takes place.

Bing is looking to cut down on the amount of bogus DMCA notices that Bing receives via email. Bing believes that by providing an online form (or API) and dashboard, Bing will cut down on investigating erroneous DMCA notices and will be able to better focus on legitimate DMCA notices.