Bing looks to bolster its image search with new layout and sharing features

Kareem Anderson

Bing bolsters its image search with new layout and sharing features

Recently we were tipped about some new Bing Image developments. As we followed up, we noticed that Bing Images have gathered a few subtle design and search features as of late. Users who conduct a Bing image search are now greeted with a new layout that puts more emphasis on the image.
In the new layout, the examined image is placed front and center while the information and image carousel is now found at the bottom of the search windows. There is now a new navigation for conducting a more refined search without ever leaving the viewed image as well, with a new down arrow located at the bottom of the search window. The new layout opts for icons over plain text for options like play results, view page, pin to Pinterest and play results. The icons are tucked away in the menu bar. Bing images has also added the ability to clip images to OneNote right from the search.

There is no official word on the new layout just yet. We’re not sure if the Image team is just testing new feature or how widespread the rollout is. As of right now, we know it appears on searches in North America and Spain.

Thank you Jose for the tip.