Bing lets rip with 'Palm Search' and the 'Cute Cloud' for April Fool's Day

Sean Cameron


Whether you love it or loathe it, every year on April 1st people from around the world take things just a little less seriously. And as we have come to expect, tech companies often go that extra distance.

This is case in point with Bing. Microsoft’s search engine has been host to a number of April Fools announcements. The first of these is US only, the ‘Cute Cloud’. Exploiting the internet’s general affinity for all things cat-shaped, this function allows users to search the ‘Cute Cloud’, a database of cute images from around the web, meaning that the ugly side of the web can be avoided altogether. You can try this here.

The second is available only to those in the UK, ‘palm search’. This prompts the user to place their right palm on a specific point on the screen and search with their thoughts alone (of course to no effect, though kudos if you make it work). You can try this here.

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