Bing Image Search receives new update, now even more immersive


Just a few days back, Microsoft had made some changes in Bing, making it more social. Today, the company has launched the new look for Bing’s Image Search. No longer will there be thumbnails, but instead, larger more immersive images.

In an official blog post, Microsoft revealed that they are introducing new looks for Bing image search. Now the user will see much larger photos rather than smaller thumbnails. They have now trimmed out all the empty white space and have filled it with pictures to make image search more visual. Also they have added the magnifying glass option, much like Google image search.

“When you hover on an image, you’ll immediately get a blown up preview that follows your mouse around. You can hold up this ‘magnifying glass’ to any picture and see its size, title, and where it comes from. It’s smooth, fluid, and a little bit addictive,” Microsoft said.

Bing users can also filter their image searches according to size, color, type, layout, and faces. You will also get some search suggestions if the word used to find the image might mean more than one thing. It also offers some related image search suggestions along with another that shows which images are trending on the Internet.