Bing keeps you covered on the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Dave W. Shanahan

Bing keeps you covered in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Worldwide, crickets fans should check out Bing’s coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Bing’s coverage started Friday and continues through March 28th, bringing you the latest action in Australia and New Zealand. To find the latest information of Bing, simply type “cricket” into the Bing search bar and Bing will provide you with schedules, standings, team stats, and game scores.

If you want the latest info on your favorite cricket player like, say, Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka, just search for his name using Bing and you’ll see a small glimpse on the player’s latest stats. Bing can also search cricket team stats too. If you want to use your Windows Phone, you can use Cortana to notify you of upcoming matches and predict who will win each match.

Using the power of the web, Bing correctly predicting 15 out of the 16 FIFA World Cup knockout stage matches and Bing will continue to do the same by predicting the winners of the Cricket World Cup 2015. If you want to test your cricket knowledge, Bing offers short quizzes, cricket trivia, and cricket polls. Bing also provides fans with cricket history and information on some of the legendary cricket players like Don Bradman.

For those of you traveling to Australia for the Cricket World Cup 2015, Bing has created a short video on how to use Bing to search for directions to the stadium and exploring the city around you. Below is a short video for the local experiences in Australia that Bing provides.

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