Bing joins other Microsoft products with their very own UserVoice site

Joseph Finney

Bing joins other Microsoft products with their very own user voice site

Fielding user feedback seems to be one of Microsoft biggest strengths lately and the list of products receiving user feedback using 3rd party solutions like UserVoice has grown to include Bing. To make Bing better and more effective Microsoft has turned to their users to submit ideas using the popular feedback solution. Users can submit improvement ideas and vote on their favorites as well as share master searching tips.

Bing is the latest Microsoft product which has gotten the UserVoice treatment, following in the footsteps of Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox, and the Windows developer platform. Opening the door for user feedback opens an official channel of communication between Microsoft and their customers. Hopefully this new site will facilitate useful feedback and provide Microsoft will actionable insights into their Bing product. Asking for feedback is smart, however it would seem the biggest improvement to Bing would simply be an improvement of their search algorithm. Regardless, we’ll soon see the kind of feedback Microsoft receives on how to improve Bing.