Bing joins forces with Qwiki, adds interactive media to search results


Microsoft has introduced yet another new feature to its Bing search engine. This time, we get Qwiki integration with Bing. What is Qwiki you ask? Qwikis are interactive presentations combining images, videos, maps and spoken narration which offer an additional learning experience to your search results.

“Today you will start to see Qwikis in Bing Search results. Qwikis are a gateway for further exploration that offer a unique, visual experience to help you quickly get information and do more. With features like snapshot, which we introduced with the recent Bing redesign, we made it easier to takeaction directly from the results page. With Qwikis and other visual elements in Bing, we’re helping people decide what they want to do by creatively exposing them to information that might otherwise take them awhile to find,” Microsoft announced in an official Bing blog post. Microsoft has made it so that Qwikis are a part of the site’s design and do not distract the user from searching. In fact, Qwikis “feel like a natural part of the search results column” and all you have to do is hit the play button to interact with a Qwiki. Head over to and try it for yourself!