Bing is working on ways to clarify your search query by asking follow up questions

Arif Bacchus


The team behind the Microsoft Bing search engine is always looking to improve on the search experience for end-users. In the latest of these moves, Bing Search is now working on ways to help you clarify your search query by asking follow up questions (via Search Engine Roundtable.)

Seen in the above Tweet from Alexander Bondarenko, Bing asks the user clarifying questions for certain searches. The questions appear directly under the search box in several situations. This includes searching about “Blue Screen,” “20th Anniversary Gifts,” or “NSFL.”

We’re seeing these same results on our end, and they definitely appear to be helpful. In the case of “Blue Screen” Bing asks which version of Windows you’re running, and in “20th Anniversary Gifts,” Bing asks who you are shopping for, with prompts for Male or Female. Clicking one of the answers to Bing’s question then returns more relevant results for that specific search.

This feature is just one of many recently added to Bing. In previous updates, Microsoft has improved the elections experience, added an Intelligent shopping experience, and added a spotlight feature to help breakdown news stories.