Bing is now officially “Microsoft Bing”

Laurent Giret

It’s official, Microsoft’s Bing search engine is becoming “Microsoft Bing.” We noticed the branding change earlier this summer, which is also when Microsoft quietly introduced a new blue Bing logo that now appears on some of the official Bing social media accounts.

According to the Bing team, this recent branding change “reflects the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family.” Bing is now much more than the search engine you can access on since it also integrates with the InPrivate search feature in Microsoft Edge, Windows Search, as well as work search scenarios with Microsoft 365.

In addition to this new logo and branding, the Bing team also announced an expansion of its Give with Bing programs, which allows Bing users to donate Microsoft Rewards points to nonprofit organizations. Following its US debut, Give with Bing is now available in seven new markets (UK, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain), and it now includes over 1.4 million nonprofit organizations across the globe.

Do you think this branding change was justified now that Bing has become much more than a Google alternative, or did you prefer the simpler “Bing” branding? Sound off in the comments below.