Bing for iOS gets a new iOS 7 makeover


Bing for iOS gets a new iOS 7 makeover

Bing has undergone several changes in its lifetime, and it’s not all that long since it gained a new logo. Now Microsoft has unveiled a complete redesign for the Bing app for iOS.

Described as having a “cleaner, simpler UI”, Bing has been given the full iOS 7 treatment. This means that the new logo is present as well as an updated color palette.

In keeping with the look of iOS 7, the most recent version of the Bing app has a flatter finish to it and uses lighter weight fonts.

Aside from the cosmetic changes, the updated app — Bing 4.2 — extends the length of time a Microsoft account can stay signed in, allows for search history to be cleared, and adds support for animated GIFs. It can be downlaod free of charge from the App Store.