Bing introduces People Autosuggest, gives you a snapshot of information below the search bar


Bing introduces People Autosuggest

Microsoft continues to improve its Bing search engine by adding yet another new feature. This time, Microsoft is introducing Bing People Autosuggest. This new feature provides you with a snapshot of information right below the search bar as you search for someone.

“Now if you’re searching for a celebrity, politician, athlete or even a colleague with a publicly available LinkedIn profile, Bing provides a snapshot of information about that person below the search bar. For example, if you’re searching for Michelle Williams, we’ll ask you if you’re looking for Michelle Williams the actress or Michelle Williams the Destiny’s Child singer,” Microsoft revealed in an official blog post.

This new feature is part of Microsoft’s quest to make searching faster and easier for those who use Bing. People Autosuggest allows you to narrow down your search results by offering relevant information on relevant people right under the search box. This new feature is Microsoft’s attempt at expanding the number of entities in Snapshot, including people, places, and things. Head over to and search for a celebrity to try this new feature out!