Bing Image Creator getting significant enhancements in the coming month

Priya Walia

Microsoft Bing Sydney

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According to a recent Twitter post by Microsoft Bing CEO Mikhail Parakhin, Bing Image Creator is set to receive significant enhancements within the next month. In particular, Parakhin noted that the language model utilized by the tool would undergo a major update, as it currently does not possess optimal capabilities.

He further acknowledged the current limitations of the language model in responding to negative prompts and assured users of notable improvements within the stated timeline.

The language model there is not super-powerful yet. You should see big improvements in about a month, Parakhin wrote on Twitter.

While other improvements will become available in approximately one month’s time, it should be noted that the implementation of Bing Image Creator has already commenced for Skype users.
Subsequent to launching Bing’s chat mode, Microsoft introduced an image generation feature a couple of months later. Known as the Bing Image Creator, this web-based tool generates static images based on a basic text description, and is free to use.
It may come as a revelation to those unfamiliar with AI image generators, but these tools function exceptionally well thanks to complex machine learning algorithms and an abundance of training on millions of examples. As a matter of fact, such AI-generated images are capable of approximating real photographs so convincingly that they may potentially deceive the average observer.

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