Microsoft’s Bing crosses 100 million daily active users

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Bing Sydney

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It’s been well over a month since Microsoft debuted the new Bing, the AI copilot for the web. Millions of users signed up and joined the waitlist to preview the new entry. The company did confirm that it has recently started approving more requests and letting even more people preview the neat tool.

And now, Microsoft has announced that Bing has crossed 100 million daily active users. This feat comes just a month after Microsoft launched its new AI copilot for the web. The millions of users that signed up to preview the new Bing have played a significant role in helping the company achieve this.

The company has also noted that even more people are now using their new search engine to conduct their searches and browse the internet. Microsoft’s VP for Modern Life, Search, and Devices, Yusuf Mehdi highlighted that a third of Bing’s daily active users are new to Bing.

Yusuf added:

We see this appeal of the new Bing as a validation of our view that search is due for a reinvention and of the unique value proposition of combining Search + Answers + Chat + Creation in one experience.

Besides the increase in the number of people interacting with the search engine, the company’s engagement has also seen exponential growth. Microsoft attributes this growth to two factors.

First up, is Microsoft Edge’s growth in usage. The company further added that there are elaborate measures to increase its usage by incorporating new capabilities like Bing search and create in the Edge sidebar.

Additionally, the incorporation of the Prometheus model to further improve Bing’s search quality has also contributed to the growth in usage.

Per Microsoft’s findings, new capabilities such as the integrated Search + Chat experience that are part of the new Bing and Edge have had a positive impact overall. The company has further indicated that approximately one-third of daily preview users are interacting with Bing Chat on a daily basis.

What’s more, “We’re seeing on average, roughly three chats per session with more than 45 million total chats since the preview began. And 15 percent of Chat sessions are people using Bing to generate new content demonstrating we are extending search to creativity,” says Microsoft.

The new Bing’s debut on the new Bing Mobile app has proven to be quite resourceful thanks to its offerings: Answers, Chat, and the recent inception of the voice input feature. The entry has been well received, at least according to the numbers reported. It has led to a 6X growth in daily active users since the pre-launch.

We expect to see Microsoft add new capabilities to the new feature to further enhance its user experience in the new feature.

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