Bing highlights (mostly last minute) Valentine’s Day search trends

Kit McDonald

Bing Ads

It’s supposed to be a day of love and cherishing those closest to you. However, as Bing Ads reveals, Valentine’s Day is often spent rushing to buy a present at the last minute.

According to an analysis released last October (via Search Engine Land), Bing plays a significant role in the sweetest of holidays. In the two weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, ad revenue and searches spiked high leading up to a peak on just the day before.

More surprisingly, the increased use of Bing on mobile seems to have drastically culled this sudden holiday panic. According to the search trends through Bing in 2016, nearly 48% of related searches were on mobile. That’s 8% more than the year before and almost half of the ad revenue for the holiday altogether. Furthermore, mobile users have a much smaller spike towards the holiday.

As a side note, other information from Bing revealed that unmarried men between the ages of 25-34 spent the most for Valentine’s Day while women were the most active searchers. Also, users that searched for “Valentine’s Day gifts revealed “boyfriend” at 17%, “girlfriend” at 4%, “husband” at 22%, and “wife” at 16%.

The results are mostly intended to assist advertisers in when to target ads for the holiday, but for consumers, it’s a reminder to buy our gifts just a little earlier next time. That, and date someone with a smartphone.