Bing adds special search query results for “Ukraine Russia”

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft recently made the announcement that they will be letting users make calls to and from Ukraine on Skype for free. This came through an update that supports language translation which essentially allows users to translate Skype phone calls to and from the Ukrainian language.

The war is posing imminent danger to millions of people in Ukraine, as such, when using Microsoft Bing to gather information related to the Ukraine-Russia war the search results will appear on both the Opinions section and the two timelines. This is an attempt to ensure that people get to access insightful, factual and credible information. The timelines include the main column as well as the other one in the knowledge panel.

On the Opinions, section news will appear in the News about section, where people get to share their sentiments and views when it comes to arising matters. As for the timelines, the horizontal one appears as the main column of search results while the vertical one is found in the knowledge panel.

The timeline within the knowledge panel helps provide a chronological account clearly depicting the genesis of events and how things have evolved over time. However, the vertical one in the main column shows events that transpired recently. The main difference between both timelines is that the main column cites its source while the latter does not.

Essentially, the concept behind this is to help users demystify what counts as news and when it is just an opinion. Given the current state in Ukraine, it is extremely important to have credible information to go by, which will in return help in decision making.