Bing gets enhanced visual search features and more diverse news updates this month

Arif Bacchus

A few months ago, Bing launched Bing Visual Search, a new experience which lets the user search for an object manually selected from images on Bing. Yesterday, the Bing team announced that this month, they’re taking things up a level with an enhanced visual search feature and more diverse news updates in the new search experience.

According to the Bing team, with the new Enhanced image search feature, Bing will automatically recognize objects and select them for you, without the need to manually draw boxes. Bing will also be able to recognize public figures and will show a box on celebrities, or other high-profile individuals that will display the individual’s name when clicked. See it in action below:

Secondly, the news section of Bing is picking up some updates: you will now see all the latest news headlines for current topics and a set of diverse suggestions of other trending articles, so you can learn about how the topic has developed over the past few hours and days. Publisher logos have also been added to the Bing news results as part of this change, helping you better distinguish news sources at a glance.

News updates on Bing

These are all very welcome changes, helping make things more clean, concise, and easy for users of the search engine. How do you use Bing? Are you glad to see that the team is constantly working to improve its features? Let us know your thoughts below.