Bing gets a Fact Check label to help users identify fake news

Arif Bacchus

One year after Google added a similar feature, the Bing Team announced that they have added a “Fact Check” label to results in Bing search. Powered by the ClaimReview schema markup, the addition of this label is aimed at helping user fact check information on certain news stories, major web pages and other stories seen in Bing search results.

Users will see the “fact checked by” label on specific web pages or stories which the Bing has determined needs fact check information, allowing the user to judge if the information is trustworthy enough. As seen below, the label can be used for multiple types of searches, such as health, science, and politics, but Bing says it can also use the label on a page that has a ClaimReview markup.

Fact Check on Bing

Along with checking in a website has a ClaimReview markup, Bing says it also checks for sites that “follow the most accepted criteria for fact checks including of third-party fact checking organizations.” The reputation of a site, and “other factors” are also considered in the showing of the tag. Web Developers should be aware that there are certain guidelines that must be kept in mind if they would like to add the schema to their page. More information on how the tag is implemented is available here.