Microsoft further integrates the new Bing in Edge

Kevin Okemwa

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Microsoft seems to be maxing out every opportunity to get even more users to try out the new Bing. As spotted by Leopeva64 on Twitter, the company’s latest attempt places the chatbot in Edge’s right-click context menu.

Bing Chat coming to right-click menu

However, the new feature hasn’t hit broad availability as it’s still in the testing phase and available to Edge Insiders that are part of the Canary Channel. As illustrated by the tipster in the Tweet above, when you select text on a web page and then right-click on it to launch the context menu, you’ll notice that a new option “Ask Bing Chat” has been incorporated

By selecting either “Ask Bing Chat” or “Search with Bing”, Bing Chat will automatically be launched on the right side of your screen. You will then be provided with detailed information revolving around the context of the text you highlighted on the web page.

It is worth noting that if you clicked on the button by mistake and had no intention of using Bing Chat, you can simply click the Ignore button and go back to the web page.

Per Windows Latest report, this change can be spotted in the right-click context menu but Leopeva64 confirms that the same results can also be replicated in Edge’s main context menu.

Additionally, the Ask Bing Chat option in the right-click menu in Edge will only pop up if you have selected text on the web page. Otherwise, if you’re just right-clicking within the browser, the option will not be visible.

More Bing Chat updates

In related news, in the latest update, Microsoft added travel and recipe grounding enhancements to Bing Chat. Last week, Microsoft Edge was also found to be facing a major privacy flaw where it shared URLs of sites that users have visited with the Bing API website.

New private AI service coming, says The Information

Moving forward, we’re likely to see Microsoft integrate the new Bing across its services and products. And while some users might have reservations about hoping on the AI craze with the fear of having their data leaked to ChatGPT, Microsoft is reportedly testing a private option that will help users bypass this issue.

According to a report by The Information, two sources with knowledge of the matter have indicated that the company’s Azure cloud server unit intends to put up the version of ChatGPT that runs on dedicated cloud servers on sale. Once this plan is in motion, it will be possible to separate data from that of the customers.

While this will help clear any concerns that users might have regarding their privacy, the source highlighted that this will come at a hefty price. To be precise, it’s likely to cost 10 times more than what users are currently incurring to access the regular version of ChatGPT.

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