Bing developers receive expanded toolset

Mark Coppock

Microsoft continues to expand their development solutions, this time granting Bing developers with some new tools. Aimed at making creative activities easier and more efficient, the new tools aimed at all kinds of creators follow some released last month specifically for musicians.
The new tools come in the form of gadgets that attack a handful of specific tasks:

  • Accessing special ASCII characters
  • Picking colors
  • Encoding
  • Formatting syntax
  • Generating Bing QR codes

Bing's new ASCII Tablet gadget.
Bing’s new ASCII Tablet gadget.

Bing's new Color Picker gadget.
Bing’s new Color Picker gadget.

Bing's new Encoder gadget.
Bing’s new Encoder gadget.

Bing's new Syntax Formatter gadget.
Bing’s new Syntax Formatter gadget.

Bing's new QR Code Generator gadget.
Bing’s new QR Code Generator gadget.

To get to the new tools, just search for the appropriate keywords on Bing, for example “color picker”, “ascii”, or “QR code”. The tools will present themselves in the search results.
As always, Bing wants your feedback, so don’t hesitate to let them know what you need to make Bing an effective platform.