is testing an internet speed test widget

Kellogg Brengel

Microsoft is introducing a handy new widget to Bing for testing the speed of your internet connection. The new Speed Test widget appears when you search the term “speed test.” Right from your search results you can click Start and Bing will see how fast your connection is in terms of latency (aka Ping), your download bandwidth, and your upload bandwidth. It will also show you your IP address.

Bing's New Speed Test Widget

The widget appeared for me this morning, but not everyone on our news staff is yet able to access the widget. Microsoft is most likely starting with a limited roll out for testing purposes, and hopefully this latest feature rolls out more widely soon. The test is noticeably quicker to load and even easier to use than Ookla’s popular since it is just a click away in your search results.

Is the new speed test widget showing up for you? Could this widget become your go to option for testing your internet connection? Let us know in the comments section below.