Bing Chat’s popularity plunges to less than 1% of ChatGPT amid user complaints and feature comparisons

Devesh Beri

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In a recent Reddit post, users expressed their views on the popularity of Bing Chat compared to ChatGPT, with data indicating a significant decline in Bing Chat’s usage. The post revealed that Bing Chat initially showed promise and peaked on 18th February, where it was approximately 70% as popular as ChatGPT. However, as of the latest data, Bing Chat’s popularity has plummeted to less than 1% of ChatGPT’s usage, as demonstrated by an accompanying graph, showing comments per day on Reddit for Bing Chat and ChatGPT.

User comments shed light on possible factors contributing to this decline. One user praised Bing Chat for utilizing GPT-4, which offered more realistic and natural responses than ChatGPT. However, they also mentioned that Chat-GPT’s recent upgrade to a 50-response limit influenced their preference.

Another user reported frequent and seemingly arbitrary conversation disruptions with Bing Chat, a problem not encountered by others. This inconsistency in user experience may have deterred potential users.

While some acknowledged the utility of Bing for daily research purposes, they found it less hyped than ChatGPT. Removing the Bing plugin from ChatGPT might have influenced some users’ preferences.

A significant development on the horizon is the release of Bing Chat Enterprise , which could attract more users, particularly in corporate settings where the Microsoft environment is already widely adopted, as per another user.

Despite the declining popularity, one commenter questioned the correlation between user comments and actual usage, suggesting that many users might continue using Bing Chat without frequently discussing it.

The decline in Bing Chat’s popularity could be attributed to several factors. ChatGPT’s established presence and longer history in the chatbot market might have given it an initial advantage. Furthermore, we believe that Bing Chat’s short responses compared to ChatGPT’s more in-depth explanations might also contribute to the preference shift.

With Microsoft considering building an “Expert Mode” search interface for Bing Chat, do you think there would be a change in the pattern?

As opinions continue circulating, the chatbot landscape remains dynamic, with each platform offering unique features catering to different user needs.