Bing Chat’s personalized answers limited to Microsoft Edge, says Microsoft spokesperson

Priya Walia

Bing Chat

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In a recent statement made by Mikhail Parakhin from Microsoft, he confirmed suspicions surrounding the limitations of Bing Chat’s personalized answers feature. According to Parakhin, this unique capability is currently optimized exclusively for its own browser, Edge.

When questioned about its compatibility with other popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, Parakhin replied, “We are more careful in other browsers for now, yes.”

Confusion had arisen when a user reported experiencing restricted functionality while using Bing Chat on Chrome and Firefox. The individual mentioned being constrained to sending only five messages and the inability to view chat history. These issues persisted across multiple browsers, devices, and even different IP addresses. Surprisingly, the user found solace in Edge, where all features seemed fully functional.

Considering the user’s frustration, they reached out to Microsoft’s spokesperson for clarification on whether this limited functionality on non-Edge browsers was intended. Parakhin’s response seemingly implied a deliberate strategy to prioritize Edge, at least for the time being.

While this statement may have disappointed users who predominantly rely on Chrome or Firefox, it also shed light on Microsoft’s prioritization of its own browser. Whether this prioritization will continue indefinitely or be extended to other browsers in the future remains uncertain, as Parakhin’s comments left room for interpretation.

For users strictly loyal to Edge, these revelations may not be cause for concern. However, for those who prefer non-Edge browsers, Microsoft’s focus on personalization within their own browser could be viewed as an attempt to further entrench users within their ecosystem.