Bing Chat’s desktop version now supports Voice Chat

Priya Walia

Bing Chat

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Microsoft has been consistently introducing updates to its AI chatbot Bing, which utilizes the ChatGPT technology. The good news is that Bing Chat is freely accessible to anyone without requiring a Microsoft account or placing them on a waiting list.

The latest development, disclosed in an official blog post by Bing, includes the addition of voice chat for desktop users. The feature is already available for users who use the platform through mobile.

We know many of you love using voice input for a chat on Mobile. It’s now also available on desktop by clicking on the microphone icon in the Bing Chat box, the blog post read.

Access to the feature is facilitated via a microphone icon that desktop users with functional microphones can now select to begin speaking on the platform. According to Microsoft, the new feature enhances the user’s experience with the chatbot.

Notably, the platform offers multilingual support for an array of languages, including English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin, with additional languages to be added shortly. Additionally, text-to-speech technology is available, enabling the chatbot to answer user inquiries verbally in its unique voice.

Bing Chat has been receiving frequent updates, some every week, to enhance its usability. The latest update was released in conjunction with Microsoft Build. On June 2, Microsoft extended Bing Chat’s capacity to 30 turns per chat and 300 chats per day. Furthermore, Bing Image Creator’s support was expanded to all modes, and travel inquiries were optimized to provide more visual outcomes.

As a new development, the Vivaldi Browser has implemented a feature that disguises itself as Microsoft Edge on Android devices. The move is aimed at circumventing the browsing restrictions set by Microsoft on Bing Chat. Although the service is designed to be accessible only via Microsoft Edge, it is noteworthy that the browser is built on the same codebase as other Chromium-based browsers, such as Google Chrome, Brave Browser, and Vivaldi.

Via Microsoft Bing