With latest update, Bing Chat should refuse to engage less often

Kevin Okemwa

Bing Chat

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Microsoft’s CEO of Advertising and Web Services, Mikhail Parakhin took to his Twitter to announce that the company is currently rolling out Bing Chat v98.

Mikhail further indicated that the new update will be rolled out in two phases, with the first phase mainly focusing on reducing the number of instances when Bing Chat refuses to work properly, for instance, not writing code properly. The second phase, on the other hand, will address disengagements.

This comes a little over a month since Microsoft announced that Bing Chat v96 was in full production. This particular update also focused on reducing instances where Bing refused to respond for no apparent reason and hallucinated responses.

A concerned user on Twitter commented on Mikhail’s Tweet highlighting how Bing Image Creator is restrictive. Mikhail responded and indicated that the Bing team is making rapid improvements to the tool and that it’s way better than when it was first launched.

Another user also highlighted their frustrations when trying to write code using Bing Chat. The user stated that the last bit of the code is interrupted. As a workaround, the user indicated that they have to copy and paste where it was interrupted and ask Bing Chat to start generating code from that point. Perhaps, this new update will patch this issue.

Over at r/Bing on Reddit, the new Bing Chat update has been received with mixed feelings. Some users applauded Microsoft for making the release and hope that it would fix some of the disengagement issues. One use in particular stated that:

By reducing disengagements I assume he means it won’t end the conversation at the slightest provocation. It’s been getting pretty ridiculous lately – I can’t even ask it logic puzzles without it refusing and shutting things down about half the time.

Some users have also lodged their complaints and indicated that Bing is actually getting worse and even stated that Microsoft has “lobotomized” it. We’ll just have to wait for Microsoft to conclude the second phase of this release and see whether the disengagement issues have been resolved and if it’s better now.

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