Bing Chat trials ‘NoSearch with Bing’ feature, opts-out of default web searches

Priya Walia

Bing Chat

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It seems like technological advancements do not halt in Bing Chat either. As we entered the month of July, whispers floated around regarding the development of a new feature.

Today, Bing has confirmed that they are indeed testing a unique capability called the “NoSearch” feature, where users can now opt out of web searches in their interactions with Bing Chat.

Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, recently affirmed the news through Twitter. His tweet mentioned, “Some people see this now,” highlighting the preliminary rollout of this new feature. To illustrate its functionality, he shared a representative screenshot corroborating the existence of the much-anticipated “NoSearch” feature.

In essence, the screenshot portrays a simple yet significant note at the bottom left of the Bing Chat window where it states, “Bing disabled.” This is an attestation that the search function has been deactivated. However, for users who prefer web searches in their Bing Chat, the feature also includes an “Activate Search” button to enable searches for their subsequent queries.

So, what exactly does “Bing Disabled” imply? It simply means your chat experiences will be free of web searches. Turning off the search function signifies that Bing Chat will limit its responses to the user’s question without providing auxiliary web search results.

As of now, you may or may not notice this unique feature since it is currently being tested ‘in the wild.’ The testing will provide a better understanding for the company of how the feature performs and how well users receive it.

Even though the release of the “NoSearch” feature is still in the testing phase, its potential promises an exciting shift in how users engage with chatbots. So, if you’ve been looking for an unfettered and direct chat experience, stay tuned for Bing’s upcoming release. Also, let us know your views on the latest feature in the comment section below.