Bing Chat sees an uptick in usage, defying market share standstill, as per Microsoft

Priya Walia

Bing Chat

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The digital communication landscape has seen many ebbs and flows, and a player that’s been around for some time now is Bing Chat, Microsoft’s effort to penetrate the bustling AI market.

Seemingly against the grain, Bing Chat’s usage has significantly increased over the recent weeks, according to a statement from its CEO Mikhail Parakhin, even though it has maintained a steady market share since its launch earlier this year.

Parakhin responded to user complaints on server issues, hinting at the increasing usage of Bing Chat. In a tweet addressing the issue, he wrote, “We had a big increase in usage in the last three weeks, need more capacity. Working urgently on fixing the situation.”

This assertion indicates that Bing Chat is slowly but steadily gaining relevance among its users.

Launched back in February, Bing Chat failed to dramatically shift Microsoft’s overall market share compared to Google, its main competitor. However, the recent alleged increase in usage points towards an interesting course of events for Bing Chat as it could signal a shift in user preferences.

The sudden surge in Bing Chat activity certainly poses an exciting logistical challenge, as it means Microsoft has to dedicate significant resources and capacity to ensure smooth working and avoid server breakdowns or performance issues. As implied by Parakhin, Microsoft is urgently working on these issues.

It will be fascinating to observe how these developments translate into the broader market sphere for Microsoft.

Only time can paint a conclusive picture. However, Bing Chat for sure witnessed a momentum that, if harnessed properly, could turn the tables in Microsoft’s favor.