Bing Chat rolls out visual search feature to desktop and mobile platforms

Priya Walia

the new Bing

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Microsoft has rolled out a new feature for Bing Chat users on desktop and mobile. The feature, referred to as Visual Search, allows users to upload images and ask the chatbot to provide information about them.

Visual Search on Bing Chat offers an impressive level of convenience and utility to users. The rollout has started, and users on both desktop and mobile platforms have already begun taking advantage of the feature.

The premise is simple yet interesting. Users have to choose a picture from their photo library and then, with a simple message, ask Bing to reveal details about the image. The image could be anything from a landmark, a species of bird, a car model, a piece of clothing, and much more. Bing Chat then processes the image and attempts to provide the relevant information.

The new feature is built on the backbone of Microsoft’s cognitive services and machine learning technologies. Following the upload of an image, Bing uses these technologies to analyze the uploaded photo, discern the objects within it, and provide detailed information to the user. The AI-powered tool is the latest addition to Bing Chat’s arsenal and is seen as a significant stride towards augmenting Bing’s capabilities.

Bing Chat continues to evolve with new features, and it will be intriguing to see how other companies react to the development. As the line between our digital and physical worlds continues to blur, it opens up possibilities for companies to create more innovative and comprehensive tools. For now, enjoy the latest feature from Bing – a simple image may lead you to a world of information.