Bing Chat introduces new feature for resuming your web conversations on mobile

Priya Walia

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Fed up with the need to suspend your ongoing, gripping discussion with Bing Chat because you have to leave your desktop? Good news for you, as Microsoft has recently introduced a solution.

The tech giant has rolled out a new feature allowing users to pick up their desktop conversations right where they left off on their mobile devices. This feature enhancement, first reported by Windows Latest, is catching the attention of many.

Currently, the feature is only compatible with Microsoft Edge.

When you hover your mouse over chat responses, a toolbar pops up, revealing the option to Continue on the phone. When clicked, a QR code is displayed. After that, you can scan this QR code using your mobile device, and voila! Your chat conversation resumes from the point of pause on your desktop.

The perfectly seamless transition has the potential to revolutionize how we interact on Bing Chat. Even though Bing has already offered the opportunity for users to pick up their chats across different devices using the chat history feature, the recent improvement does away with the cumbersome process of scrolling through chat history, making it all the more accessible and user-friendly.

What’s more, it’s not just Windows users who can take advantage of the newly added convenience. Mac users, too, can resume their desktop chats on their mobiles using either Microsoft Edge or Bing mobile app. However, there are a few points to take note of.

To utilize the “Continue on phone” feature, you must first sign into the web browser with your Microsoft account. This holds for both your desktop Edge and mobile app. While Bing Chat on Edge desktop doesn’t mandate you to sign in with your Microsoft account, the new feature to continue on your phone does require you to do so.

The seamless chat continuation using QR code scanning certainly ups the game for Bing Chat. Whether or not this feature will be extended beyond Microsoft Edge is something to keep an eye on. Stay tuned as we continue to report updates on this exciting development.