Microsoft could debut Bing Chat’s “number one feature request” soon

Kevin Okemwa

Bing Chat

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Ever since Microsoft launched the new Bing, the AI copilot for the web, the tool has faced its fair share of criticism as well as applause. And though it is still in preview, Microsoft continues to approve requests of the millions of users that signed up and joined the waitlist.

What’s more, it’s reported that some users have been experiencing accelerated access, raising the question of whether it was still in preview. Microsoft clarified that the expedited access was a result of the Bing team running tests on it, but highlighted that it was still in preview.

Microsoft continues to make significant updates to the tool and is even letting users share chat responses across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. And now according to Microsoft’s CEO of Advertising and Web Services, Mikhail Parakhin, a long-awaited and the top requested feature by users, Chat history is coming to Bing Chat soon.

Though Parakhin didn’t disclose much, he stated that the team behind the feature is hard at work to ensure that users will be able to access it soon. It is therefore difficult to ascertain how the feature is expected to work at this junction or determine how far back one can trace back their chat history on Bing Chat.

It’s also worth noting that it might take a while before Microsoft incorporates the microphone icon into Bing Chat on desktop. Parakhin indicated that while it might be easy to add to the desktop version, not very many people make use of it. It’s therefore not a priority at the moment.

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