Bing Chat Enterprise integration with Microsoft 365 subscriptions coming next month

Priya Walia

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Bing Chat Enterprise, the newly launched AI-powered chatbot in preview for commercial users, is all set for a public rollout. A new report from Petri indicates that the service plan will be available to Microsoft 365 subscribers from next month.

This follows Microsoft’s initial launch of the Bing Chat Enterprise last month, which was provided to a select number of commercial customers for feedback and evaluation.

Later this month, commercial customers will have Bing Chat Enterprise enabled by default by the company. Microsoft 365 subscriptions will be updated as part of the new service rollout, including the Bing Chat Enterprise service plan. Once released, staff could access the chatbot via their work accounts when signed into Bing’s chat portal.

The new Bing Chat Enterprise Service plan aims to equip IT admins with the power to control user access to the service, fostering a secure and controlled communication environment.

The AI-driven chatbot offers business-focused data privacy and governance controls designed to cater to organizations that place a high degree of emphasis on data security and privacy. Thus, Bing Chat Enterprise strives to ensure that sensitive corporate data is well-guarded within the confines of the organization.

IT administrators can opt out of the default activation of Bing Chat Enterprise by Microsoft scheduled for the end of August. This indicates the tech giant’s commitment to tailoring the Bing Chat Enterprise Service to the unique requirements of each organization while giving them sufficient flexibility to manage their role within the system.

The timely notification allows organizations using Microsoft 365 time to prepare for the rollout of the new Bing Chat Enterprise service plan in early September. It marks a significant step for businesses that need higher levels of data protection, privacy, and control.

To begin using Bing Chat Enterprise, please refer to our comprehensive guide for assistance.

Via Petri