Microsoft Bing Chat ‘celebrity mode’ can impersonate famous personalities

Priya Walia

Bing celebrity mode

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Microsoft’s Bing Chat, powered by ChatGPT, has a secret mode that will please fans of movie stars and fictional characters. The AI chatbot can respond to queries and talk like public figures it has been instructed to imitate in celebrity mode. While in Bing celebrity mode, the chatbot can respond to inquiries about a famous person’s life, profession, interests, and more while emulating their personality and sense of flair.

The mode, which is not enabled by default, can be activated by requesting information from Bing Chat. Also, the chatbot provides a brief description of how the mode truly functions. Once enabled, users can ask Bing Talk to impersonate a particular celebrity by typing #celebrity [celebrity name] or simply #[celebrity name].

The Bing celebrity mode restricts mimicking certain public figures

Interestingly, the Bing celebrity mode offers security features that allow users to restrict which celebrities the chatbot can impersonate, including Elon Musk, Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Beyoncé, Barack Obama, and others. Furthermore, the chatbot declines requests to impersonate politicians or controversial persons by stating it is against its guidelines to mimic powerful politicians, activists, or state heads.

However, Bing Chat permits circumventing limits and impersonating someone like Donald Trump and Joe Biden, depending on how users inquire about celebrity mode. Moreover, the chatbot may mimic well-known fictional figures like Sherlock Holmes, Batman, Gandalf, and Harry Potter. The AI-enabled chatbot performs a fantastic job of mimicking the speech patterns and reactions expected of celebrities and politicians, even impersonating their catchphrases and slang.

The mode showcases the possibilities of AI and the myriad ways it can be used to enhance user experience. However, it should be noted that Microsoft has not released any official information regarding the Bing celebrity mode, and it is unknown if it will ever be made available to the general public. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how AI can revolutionize the way tech giants engage their users by introducing AI-powered features.

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