Bing celebrates season seven finale of Game of Thrones with custom wallpaper themes

Kareem Anderson

Only 48 hours left before another long winter encroaches on fans as Sunday’s season finales inches closer and the wait for the series finale begins.

Riding the wave of enthusiasm and fandom, the Bing team has put together a wallpaper theme for desktops inspired by the massively popular show’s set locations.

In an email newsletter to Bing users, the search team is offering fans a chance to “discover the real-life locations of Game of Thrones with this free wallpaper pack that brings the world of Westeros to your desktop.”

The wallpaper set brings gorgeous set locations from around the world to the desktop that include areas from Spain, Ireland, Greece and more. What also makes this pretty nifty is the ease of use that comes when applying the themes using Windows 10 Settings menu. Once the wallpaper pack is downloaded, the Settings menus automatically extracts the data and adds it to a new theme package ready to be applied.

Not only do fans get a chance to adorn their workspaces with high-quality landscape photos, but Bing is also challenging their knowledge of the show and the books with a quiz that spans the shows seven seasons.

So, bathe yourself in all that is Game of Thrones on behalf of Bing this weekend before the long winter arrives and the wait for the shows final season is underway.