Bing celebrates the most important women of 2013


Bing celebrates the most important women of 2013

We have just snuck into 2014, but there’s still time to reflect on the year that we have just left behind. There are a number of ways to learn from the twelve months that have now gone, and in a new video Bing has chosen to focus on the most important women from the year.

Including such names as Janet Yellen and Margaret Thatcher, these are the women how have inspired and achieved in one way or another.

The video is introduced with the words: “These heroic women show what spirit, courage, and perseverance can achieve. May their bravery inspire us in 2014 and beyond.”

There is also a Heroic Women web site to explore although this is not available in all parts of the world. Closing with the words “Be brave in 2014”, the video serves as a great source of inspiration to start off the new year.

Check out the video below. Is there anyone missing from the list in your opinion?